May 12

live broadcast from cinestar 8

so, we did it :)

it is not first time in history of humanity, but it can easily be first time in estonia. as every other genius ;) thing, it’s pretty simple:
- take a multicopter (such as cinestar from freefly)
- take an hd-camera (such as panasonic gh2 or sony hdr cx350)
- take an hd-video encoder (such as teradek cube)
- ask your friends from helicam, if they can help you with piloting
- ask your friends from streambuffet, if they can provide you a platform for broadcast
- ask your friends from emt, if they can borrow you a 4G usb stick
- put it all together, shake a bit

here’s the result. this is server-side recording – how it looked to people when they were watching it on the web when it was happening, with just couple of secs delay. i only trimmed it a bit, no other post-processing

watch in HD: