Jul 12

story of a photo

preikestolen - one of norway’s famous attractions.. you can read more about preikestolen here (click will open a new window).

but here you can read the story of my preikestolen photo :)

i had been there twice before, but nevertheless i felt the need to go back – it just is a very special place. so when we were planning our trip to norway one thing was clear – we will go there :)

we stayed in the hotel, which is located near the beginning of the hiking path. their check-out is at 8:30 :) sounds ridiculous, but .. at the time we were finishing our breakfast at  7:30-ish some people had already been to the top and were checking out :)  so 8:30 is not that crazy..

we started our journey up about 8 and it took a bit under 2 hours to get there. but when we got there, we had a problem – we couldn’t see preikestolen. actually, we barely saw each other, because everything was covered in clouds (normally you would call it fog, but at 600m above sea level it’s clouds). people came and left, but we were sitting and patiently waiting – we didn’t give up that easily :) it was really cold and windy and even rained a bit – but we sat there and waited

the copter was also waiting – batteries double-checked, video link tested, everything ready for a flight. so when someone, sitting on a cliff, shouted and we saw the fjord below, we immediately took off – you never know, how much time you have in the mountains.. i quickly lifted it up in the air, turned the heli to point towards the preikestolen and the shooting session could begin :)

rahel was monitoring the video link, telling me to go further and further to fit it all in the frame. the copter was reeeeeeeeeeeally small already – but she still commanded me to go higher.

and then .. how do i put it .. the copter was already slowly descending, when we got more clouds. and then more clouds. and even more. they were coming up from the fjord very quickly and .. and copter was still far away. that’s how preikestolen looked from the copter at that moment:

i didn’t really panic, i think. i didn’t have time for that. i was flying home :) faster, faster!!! however, next moment .. see yourself:

i can’t show you a photo how the copter looked at that moment, because you know why? because i didn’t see it :) only thing i could do – continue flying in the same direction as i was flying before, hoping that i will see it before it crashes into the rock.. also, i could hear it. anyway, luckily for me (us) – everything ended just fine, we landed, had a lot of champagne and headache and called my doctor to get some xanax :) and, most importantly, we got this amazing (yes, i do think it’s amazing) photo: