as of today we will fly for you panasonic gh2 or gh3, 5dmk3 or red scarlet. on the way are blackmagic cinema and production 4k

flight time is around 8 to 12 minutes depending on camera. we use zenmuse gimbals from dji (lumix cameras) or mövi from freefly (5d and anything bigger). using those gimbals means that you do not need to worry too much about stabilizing shaky video footage – you will get (in most cases) almost perfect video, ready to start cutting and grading

flying range is limited by line of sight – typically it’s up to 150m high and 200m radius, can be a bit different depending on environment. we do not fly near airports, we do not fly in the rain and heavy snow (props are pushing water to lens), we do not (normally) fly when it’s under -20C or over 40C outside, we do not fly over people (except actors – these have insurance and behave normally and extreme sports folks – these are nuts anyway). we do not fly if wind is stronger than 8m/s (exceptions are possible)

that’s one of our birds in action: